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Insert a cotton swab in the high of the battery and push down gently to move the battery’s contacts to the underside of the device’s casing. If your JUUL® device doesn’t produce vapour after the short cleansing, a more thorough cleansing could also be so as. Dampen a cotton swab with a small amount of rubbing alcohol and use it to clean throughout the pins on the high of the JUUL® battery.

why is my juul not working

Avoid overcharging, by not leaving the battery charging all day or in a single day. It could be handy as a result of you will get up to a full battery, however it reduces the lifespan of the cell. Dirty coils are one of many top causes of dry hits and burnt style. To avoid this, change your wicks weekly and rinse your coils with heat water to get rid of the gunk. Stop your wick from burning when chain vaping by allowing 30 seconds in between puffs.

Why Wont My Juul Hit?

Alternatively, use PG based e-juices to get a fast throat hit to stop chain vaping. This is very useful if you’re chain vaping to counter nicotine cravings. Vaping with out taking pauses sounds enjoyable, however it is likely to make your vaping experience less enjoyable. You will often expertise a “burnt cotton taste” when you chain vape. This kind of vaping does not enable your wicks to absorb more vape juice, inflicting it to dry out and burn.

  • Secondly, it could be due to a unfastened 510 connection between the mod and the atty.
  • However, if yours nonetheless doesn’t work, I strongly recommend that you stop troubleshooting any further and send the device over to the company.
  • Remove the pod from the slot, reverse it and re-insert.
  • They can find the eight-digit number and letter mixture underneath the brand on the again of the device.

Ensure that the vape pin touches the optimistic pole of your battery. If it does, check whether dirt is interfering with the connection by unscrewing the tank from the mod6. Be positive to wash any juice or residues on the 510 areas of the tank and mod with a tissue. Exceeding the beneficial vape system wattage can cause your coils to burn.

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